Tips and tricks to select a plasma cutter

plasma cutter machineAre you finding difficulty in finding a plasma cutter which is the best in terms of quality? A plasma cutter cuts with zero hassle and is desired by plenty of people. The tool is pretty important and is largely used by many, especially people who work in industries. However, you need information that will help you in getting the best plasma cutter and that too at a reasonable price. So before you take any final decision regarding the same, please find relevant information and go through them as that might help you along the way.

These are things that you need to surely keep in mind if you plan on buying a plasma cutter.


There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a plasma cutter available in the market. So if you do not want to be disappointed with your findings, couple of things you need to check is the capacity, usage, cutting requirements, thickness, portability and moreover the cost involved in it.

Duty Cycle

To check the duty cycle of the machine is very important and you should determine how this machine would be used. If the usage is for long hours, you should select the machine appropriately. If you are using the machine for shorter span of time but couple of times a day, select using a machine which can cut into more thickness.


For a plasma cutter, you should keep portability in mind as well. The weight should be around 20-40 lbs. which is easily manageable at difficult locations. A portable power generator and a compressor would also be required for a portable plasma cutter, so this also has to be taken into consideration.

Manual V/s Automated

It becomes very essential to decide whether you will be using a manual plasma cutter or an automatic plasma cutter. If you decide to go for automatic, you will require a CNC machine to use the same. If initially you want to use manual and later on you want to transform into an automated machine, you should be assured that the cutter is not using a high frequency circuit because high frequency circuit creates high voltage and can damage the information stored in the automatic system.


One of the most important factors which need to be kept in mind and taken into consideration is the thickness that needs to be cut by the plasma cutter. Choose a cutter which suits the thickness to be cut by you. One of the biggest disadvantages of a plasma cutter is that it leaves a slope or a slant after cut. So, most of the fabricators make use of oxy-fuels when they have to make a cut more than ½ inches.

Power, reliability and cost of the plasma cutter are also important aspects which need to be kept mind when purchasing a plasma cutter. So to get the best deal and more information on the same, simply click the link and get going.