Splash in the crystal water of the above ground pool

above ground poolEveryone has the basic idea about underground pools, but aboveground pools are also the new fashion in the realty industry, and many household owners are now implementing the durable and strong Intex pool combination to have a family get-together or a pool party on their roof-top or above their building. The above ground pool certainly has some good features like:

  • Pools which can easily be accommodated in the backyard of the house.
  • Filter pump for cleaning the water.
  • Good outlet for water and soap bubbles. It is also important that the pool should be made of rust-resistant materials.
  • Drain plugs which should be properly capped.
  • Instructional DVD. All these can be found from many popular websites

Some of the best above ground pool sets are discussed below:

1)      The Easy Round Pool set from Intex

It can be termed as the best above ground pool and some of the main features of this product include:

  • It is available in 12 feet by 30 inch size, and it usually comes with a DVD and filter pump technology.
  • http://www.bestabovegroundpoolhq.com also displays the fact that this pool is easy to install and assemble.

2)      The family size round shape metal framed pool set from Intex

This pool has a quite tough exterior since it is made of a galvanized steel frame, and it also has rust-resistant materials which do not allow rust to accumulate around the pool, and make the water polluted. This pool becomes ready for filling it up with water, within a span of just thirty minutes, and it also has three separate layers of material for extra strength.

3)      Number 54481EB Ultra Frame pool set from Intex

Within one single hour, this pool becomes ready for use, and the added advantage is that, this pool contains a volleyball set, and so, it is a great combination for the children and the elders and it can be used for poolside party, children’s day and family picnics. It has a deluxe kit, special cloths, ladder, a barrier, and a set of instructional DVDs.

4)      The 54469EG pool set from Intex

Intex is one of the most reliable companies as far as the installation of the pool sets above ground is concerned. Special features of this pool set include:

  • The pool assembly is designed uniquely which helps everyone to accommodate themselves properly.
  • It has a combination of salt water system of more than 2000 Gallons.
  • For the maintenance of this set, the users can go through the DVDs which come along with this set, or the maintenance book.
  • It has a built in Ground Fall Circuit Interrupter.

Why and how often the pool liner must be changed?

It is very important to change the wrinkled pool liner often in order to maintain the clarity of the water, and also the hygiene level inside the water. The pool water, cartridge, and the filter must also be changed from time to time.