Locating the Amazon.com Gift Card Offered as Part of Signing Up for the Amazon Business American Express Card

If your Amazon Business American Express Card application is approved, Amazon will load an Amazon.com Gift Card into the Amazon account from which you applied, except as follows.

If you received a link provided by Amazon on the application approval page, to create a new Amazon Business account, and you used the link to create the new account within 30 minutes of receiving the link, Amazon will load the Amazon.com Gift Card into the new Amazon Business account instead.

Important: If your application pends, you will be notified of a decision within 30 days. If you are approved during that time, the Amazon.com Gift Card will be loaded into the Amazon.com or Amazon Business account from which you applied.

If your application was approved, but you have not received the offered Amazon.com Gift Card within one hour, please contact Amazon.

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