Kindle Personal Documents Distributor Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The Kindle Personal Documents Service (the "Service") allows Kindle customers to send personal documents and authorize others to send personal documents to their Kindle accounts. Your use of the Service to send documents to Kindle customers is subject to these Terms (the "Terms").

Permitted Uses

Subject to your compliance with these Terms, you may use the Service to send documents to a Kindle customer's Send-to-Kindle e-mail address only as directed to do so by a Kindle customer. You may use the Service only as permitted by law.

No Commercial or Illegal Use

You may not charge directly or indirectly to distribute content via the Service. You may not use the Service to send infringing, unauthorized, or otherwise illegal content.

Site Policies, Modification, and Termination of Service

Please review our other policies posted on the site, including the web site Conditions of Use. These policies also govern your use of the Service, except to the extent that they conflict with these Terms. We may make changes to our site, policies, and these Terms at any time. We may discontinue the Service or your participation in the Service at any time in our sole discretion. The permission we grant you to use the Service automatically terminates if you do not comply with these Terms.

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