Getting to know about Reverse Osmosis systems

Reverse osmosisFirst introduced in 1950, Reverse Osmosis (RO) System purifies water from contaminants and makes it safe for drinking.


Most reverse osmosis systems have the following filtration steps:

  • Initially water passes through a filter, eliminating dirt and other particles.
  • Carbon filters are then used to purify the water from chemicals and enhance the taste. Dangerous contaminants such as industrial chemicals and fertilizers are removed.
  • Lead, Chromium, Copper and other metals along with bacteria in water is then removed.

The basic features you get in most RO systems are as follows:

  • These systems add minerals such as magnesium and calcium to the water. This makes it more alkaline, fighting any acidity that may have accumulated in it in the storage tank.
  • Some even have a UV lamp which kills bacteria and viruses.

Below are few of the best reverse osmosis system available in the market.

  • iSpring RCC7AK- 5 Stage 75GPD RO System – It has five stages of filtration process. This system produces 75 gallons of water in a day. Post filtration, water is 99% pure. There is some water wastage during purification and lost minerals fail to be re-introduced. Bacteria and viruses are not completely removed.
  • Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis System – It purifies the water along with re-introducing the lost minerals in both the stages of its filtration. It’s costlier than other systems. Water is clear of any residual chemicals, gathered in the storage tank. Water is viruses and bacteria free.
  • Apec Top Tier-RO 90GPD 5 Stage Reverse System – Its components are certified by international water standards. Having five stages of purification, this system produces 90 gallons of pure water per day. It fails to completely remove micro-organisms or retain the calcium and magnesium in the water.
  • Watts Premier 4 Staged RO – It is smaller and easier than its rivals. Operating in 4 stages, the water is purified to almost 96%. Easy to install and maintain, this system fails to retain all the minerals that are lost during the process.
  • Aquasana AQ 5300.55 3 Staged Under Counter Water Filter – A 3 staged RO system, it is suitable for water having many particles. Small in size, it makes for easy changing of filters. Water is not fully filtered of all its elements. It also fails to deal with the chlorine that requires carbon block filters.
  • US Water Aquapurion 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis – It has five stages that eliminates contaminants such as lead, arsenic, chlorine, Cryptosporidium and Fluoride among other impurities. It boasts of a larger membrane that purifies water at a faster pace.
  • Hydrologic 31040-200-GPD Evolution RO 1000 High Flow RO System – You are assured continuous supply of water as it produces 200 gallons of water per day. It is a small system which has ease of change of filters. It is efficient in avoiding water wastage. This system eliminates 98% of the contaminants. However, it still fails to remove certain harmful bacteria.