Engagement Rings in Canada

Engagement Rings in Canada

By Benmoss.com

The engagement rings or bands are one of the most exciting but daunting purchases you will ever make. Should it be gold or platinum? Traditional or trendy? Solitaire or multi diamond? With a lot of options to choose from, engagement rings are chosen with care which will stand a lifetime to tell tales of the lovely bonding the couple share. In Canada, there have been varied ranges of collections of engagement rings that are exceptionally stunning and gorgeous, thus making your engagement a perfect one.

With Canada playing a major role in the diamond market all over the world, engagement rings with Canadian diamonds are a favorite for a lot of people across boundaries. Especially the Canadian engagement rings at benmoss.com have been handpicked with intricate detailing of arty designs that combines timeless style and excellent quality together. They are renowned and world famous for diamond engagement rings. From the Carat Passionate Heart gold engagement rings to the Carat Canadian Ice diamond engagement rings, Ben Moss has a wide range of perfectly cut Canadian diamond centers polished by the world’s best artisans. Apart from engagement rings, they also have a wide range of bracelets, necklaces, family collections and much more. Moreover, they offer sign up offers and excellent customer service.

Before you grab your engagement rings for the D day, one has to make sure to do a lot of research and get educated about what you are about to purchase. Given below are few tips to choose the right engagement rings for you and your loved one.

• Choosing the metal: A striking challenge is choosing the right style with the right metal that would be loved by your beloved. You have a large variety to choose from – gold, white gold, platinum and many more from the exclusive range of collections at Ben Moss.

• Choosing the right size, shape and proportion: Taking into the consideration the complexion and size of your beloved’s hand, choose the right size, shape and proportion of the ring.

• Choosing the right diamond: With a large variety of diamonds ruling the Canadian market, one needs to carefully watch out for the certifications that are associated with diamonds. At Ben Moss, each Canadian diamond is engraved with a serial number which comes with a Canadian Diamond Birth Certificate thereby verifying authenticity of the diamonds. It also carries an appraisal certificate which features the 68 facet cut that is exclusive to Ben Moss jeweler.

• Right budget: Engagement rings from Canada can cost thousands of dollars more because of the gimmicks played by marketers in pricing the diamonds but at Ben Moss, we offer a transparent deal in selecting the ring of your choice.

With so many considerations on getting an engagement ring, Ben Moss offers exceptional selections and exclusive designs with their experience of having been in the Canadian market since 1910. The unique Canadian diamonds available at Ben Moss are custom made for your order even in the United States of America. So, with all the expertise in engagement rings in Canada, you are all set to for a wonderful beginning with your loved one. Best Wishes!