Choosing a Router Table for Woodworks

Router Table for WoodworksIf you have a woodworking business, then a router table is one of the most important additions that you can do it your business. My mounting the router over a table securely, you can have both your hands free with which you may control the work piece better while cutting them. Using a router allows you to do certain things more precisely and securely that you cannot do with a handheld router. Now, if you want to buy a router table then there are certain things that you need to consider. Apart from that reading router table reviews would also give you idea about each product.

A Flat, Solid Top

The top of the router table needs to be rigid and flat to the maximum. There are many works like treating the edge of a board and cutting joinery where precision is most important and that be possible only when the table is flat and rigid. Due to minor irregularities in the surface, you may face problems like skewed joints and other problems.

The best material for making a router table is of course cast iron. This is because it is known for its stability, durability, and obviously flatness. Another advantage of using cast iron is that it can absorb vibration from the motor tools and other moving parts.

A Flat, Rigid Base Plate

In most of the router tables, there is a base plate to which the router is fitted. Now, the functioning of the router table would depend much on the quality and layout of the base plate. It supports the weight of the router and hence it should be solid and substantial. Another thing that is needed to consider is the compatibility of the base plate with the router. In the higher models you would get chance of a range of plates.

Although the base plate is flat, yet it needs to be sited perfectly in level with the surface of the router table. Thus, there must be some plate leveling system. In the basic system you would get four leveling screws that are adjusted from the underside of the table. In better systems there would be more points of contact.

An Accurate, Easy-to-Position Fence

While operating the router table, you can control the cut by keeping the work piece attached with the fence. Thus, you require a fence for this purpose. You would get different types of fences, the simplest being consisted of nothing more than a straight piece of wood clumped with the surface of the table.

You would mainly get two types of fences available in the market. They are one piece fence and split fence or two piece fence.

A Sturdy, Stable Base

Now, for getting clean and crisp cuts, it is essential that the work piece is in consistent contact with the cutter. For this you need a base that is steady as a wobbling base would not allow you to do your work properly. Apart from that it’s hazardous to work on any unsteady base.