Ceiling fans are handy equipment

Ceiling fansThe first ceiling fans were not powered by electricity. Instead, a turbine was used in conjunction with a stream of water to drive a system of belts which would bring into motion the blades of two blade fans. Soon they became popular in restaurants, stores and offices as they could accommodate several fan units. Though air conditioners are widely, used nowadays, traditional ceiling fans are greatly in demand. Ceiling fans do not change the temperature but have a mechanism, which reverse the direction of rotation of the blades. This help in both, cooling and heating.

The advent and evolution of technology has played a major role in the development of ceiling fans. Some of its kind are the cast iron ceiling fans, The Hunter ‘Original’,  20 pole Induction Pancake motor fans,  Stack- motor ceiling fans, direct drive ceiling fans, spinner fans, skeletal motors, friction drive ceiling fans, gear drive ceiling fans, internal belt drive ceiling fans, belt driven ceiling fans, Punkah style ceiling fans, bladeless ceiling fans and DC ceiling fans

When you go to purchase a ceiling fan, it often gets difficult to make out the best from so many brands. Customers have different opinion regarding different manufacturers. It is important to make a good research on the brands that you have shortlisted. Your selection of the best ceiling fans should be based on critical indicators like durability, simplicity, looks, engineering and various other features offered.

Nevertheless, from a manufacturer’s viewpoint, it is a challenging task to cater to the center class. The wide range of brands available today are either costly or of superior quality. Hunter’s ceiling fans however maintain stability between cost and quality. Hunter ceiling followers are fitted with Energy Celebrity certified, which makes it efficient for everyday usage.

If you want to go for looks, Minka Aire manufactures some beautiful looking fans. There have been satisfactory reviews regarding its energy effectiveness and airflow. Casablanca is also a good option if you are looking for regularity. Casablanca believes in giving the best workmanship. Though its fans lack vibrancy, you can blindly trust on its durability and longevity. On the other hand Emerson is probably known to be the most effective ceiling fan, owing to is long enduring motor, effective enough  to supply constant wind power, to larger areas in specific.

Outdoor ceiling fans are ideal for places beyond homes. These fans are usually manufactured from materials that are waterproof and a protective casing. They are manufactured in a way to be resistant to climate and temperature. Some use blades made out of plastic or any other water resistant material so as to resist any temperature changes.

Ceiling fans have become important in giving us some relief on the sultry summers. While the installation might be easy for ceiling fans, not all possess the same quality. Fans are manufactured separately to serve separate purposes. While the quality might vary with brands, it is wise of you to go through reviews. You need specialized skill to assemble. Also, before replacing your ceiling fan for a new one, check for parts that you can consider changing.