All that you need to know about miter saw

miter sawMiter saw is one of the popularly used powerful tools in the wood industry. With the availability of a wide range of size and styles, it meets the need of every craftsman. It can be found almost in every wood shop or garage. The major benefit of using a miter saw is, they are portable, provides perfect accuracy as well as convenience. These tools are mainly designed to produce accurate cross cuts of the wooden pieces at the work place.

Prior to miter saw, the chop saw was in existence. With the change in time, miter saws have become much advanced and incredibly useful now-a-days. As far as accurate cuts of the wooden pieces are considered, there is scarcely a better tool rather than a miter saw. It allows the users to work faster and with greater accuracy.

Purchasing a miter saw is not so easy task. It requires a number of things to be considered prior to purchasing it. Prior to buying a particular product in this regard, it’s better to go through miter saw reviews which would aid you in choosing the best equipment.

Features and considerations

  • The very first thing that needs to be considered prior to purchasing a miter saw is, how well you are going to make use of the tool ? How often you need it? Where you will work with it? Having a proper plan and fixed budget before you seriously look for your miter saw will help you in taking a better decision in this regard.
  • The most popular miter saws offer 10-12 inch cutting capacity. There are a great number of miter saws which offers you with both smaller and larger cutting capacity.

A 12 inch sliding compound miter provides greater cutting capability, but it is quite expensive and heavier as well. There are certain points to be considered while choosing between a sliding compound miter saw and a compound miter saw-

  • Compound miter saw

In a compound miter saw, the blades move in all the three directions. At the first level, the blade moves in an up and down direction. At the next level, the blade moves about 45 degrees to the right and left for miter cuts and lastly, the blade moves either towards the right or left and perform slant cuts.

Though they are less expensive and portable than the sliding compound miter saws, but they have less cutting capacity for bigger boards. It is not possible to cut a wide wooden board just through a single pass of a compound miter saw.

  • Sliding compound miter saws

This type of miter saw has all the features a compound miter saw performs and in addition to that, it also has certain additional features associated with it. It allows the users to cut a large piece of wood with just one single pass of a sliding compound miter saw. It’s because of the presence of the tubes; this type of miter saw is heavier, less portable and expensive as well.