A versatile woodwork tool in the workshop

router tableRouter tables help hands free working while cutting wood and a variety of other substances. For stability, it is firmly fixed to the table which makes it stronger. However, there are numerous router tables on the market at the general hardware store and online as well. Every woodworker’s secret is their skill in creating straight cuttings. Most often, this is achieved through the use of a router table with either a solitary or dual fence. Router tables are available in various configurations and sizes. Quite a lot of them are of high quality while some are hardly able to be serviced.

So, if you’re thinking of making or buying a router table, ensure the ports, if any, work fine with highly efficient vacuums or collectors.

Also, are they disabled while adjusting the fence? The router table is amongst the most popular multipurpose tool in a workshop. The size of the router table is vital. A small work area for numerous projects to finish is near to impossible to complete certain jobs. Another factor is portability, for doing outdoor work. Rather than spending money on the inappropriate table, think of the requirements prior to buying.

Nevertheless, the important parts are the quality of the table, the router position on the table, fence, safety switch and table stability. The best router table is one that is smooth and is friction free.  On the whole manufacturers utilize cast aluminium or extruded aluminium while others utilize medium-density fibreboard (MDF) with a melamine surface.

The fence guides the cut while moving back and forward on the router table. To avoid having the area littered with dust, the fence support system ought to be attached to the collectors or vacuums. Two boards are generally mounted atop the guide fence support. There is a gap between the boards, which provides enough space to enable the router bit’s free movement. However, to avoid splintering the gap ought to be possibly close to each other.

Whether a fixed base or plunge router is used it should fit properly below the table. Generally, most manufacturers provide unique adaptors for routers on the market. Ensure the router base is connected securely when buying a ready-made table. Besides, for a quick change of the router bit, it’s most important the router has easy access from the top or underneath the table. For usability, another important aspect is the height adjustment factor. A steady designed table is the logical choice for stability. Moreover, most inexpensive designs don’t offer a sturdy structure and may require to be fixed in addition.

Whether a light-weight, desktop or a portable router table is required, get the table that fits the budget without compromising on the essentials such as adjustable feather-boards, outlet switch, insert rings, out-feed fence shims, starter pin with protector, dust collector, router mountable plate and so on.

Although the router table is amongst the most multipurpose woodworking tools, ensure all the safety features are understood. This not only makes certain the router table functions well, but more importantly there are no injuries to the user as well. With proper handling, the router table is an essential woodworking machine.